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EDI connection has become the lifeline of shipping business. It allows to operate vessels in a cost-efficient way as well as to significantly reduce errors. EDI connection with our customers, terminals, depots, and authorities is crucial for an excellent product.

EDI Services for all demands and systems

Yilport Oslo utilizes various standard and customized B2B interfaces for processes like

  • Booking to invoice with our customers
  • EDI schedule exchange
  • Operative instructions for terminals, depots and vessels
  • Declarations to customs and other authorities
  • Status messages to and from all kind of above mentioned relations
Yilport Oslo has many years of experience with EDI using EDIFACT standards, CSV and XML. We are highly flexible in customizing the product in accordance with our customers' specifications, which can be implemented within short period of time.

Inhouse Development - Quick,Customised, Flexible

We are able to provide customized EDI connections in short development time thanks to the fact that all our developments are fully in-house. Our EDI developers are close to business. We know our systems which allows us to develop and finetune messages in a short time-frame.

To move this a step further, we always thrive to create development partnerships. Having the final product in mind, the personal exchange between developers planned ahead in Agile thinking leads to quicker development time. We want to share this win-win experience with our customers.


Yilport Oslo is utilizing the World’s most renowned terminal operating system from Navis, SPARCS N4.


An automated gated system, provided by APS will be operational in December 2015. The automated gate uses Optical Character Recognition software to identify containers and vehicles (trucks) entering and departing the terminal. The scanning technology has a direct interface to SPARCS N4, facilitation a fast transaction through the terminal gates.


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