Gemport, Turkey

YILPORT Gemlik will be initiated in a crucial period of time in Turkish marine trade. The region requires a multi-purpose port in which freighters and the freight can be handled up much faster. It is forecast to reach the level of average 35 movements per hour in all container operations of YILPORT Gemlik.

It is important to construct a container terminal, not only as a hub port but also launch a facility to fit the concept of one-stop-shopping through which all the needs for container line operators and their customers can be met with the integration of customs, freight shipping companies, container line operators and all other areas. YILDIRIM Group exceeds the norms for terminal operations and construction at YILPORT Gemlik.

YILPORT Gemlik is located on the one of the most active economic regions by development and growth plans in progress that belongs to global automotive products and numerous producing companies. The region has a significant export volume based upon marble & mining trade as well as the industries mentioned. Hersek-Dilovasi Bridge, the public entrepreneurship project which has been recently announced, is also expected to positively affect YILPORT Gebze and YILPORT Gemlik.

The demands comes in the line of all type of cargo handling and integrated port facilities, Gemlik Port is preparing itself to create as a seperate port, which will be providing general, bulk, liquid and container cargo handling and warehouse services.

The project is planned to complete in 2014 and to start operations in 2014.

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