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About Us

YILPORT’s journey started in 2004 when Chairman Robert Yuksel Yildirim envisioned bringing world-class terminal service to his hometown Turkey. The success story began at YILPORT Gebze, and expanded to deliver this high standard worldwide. YILPORT   Holding   Inc.   established  in August 2011 as a subsidiary of YILDIRIM Group, and  become  the  first terminal operator holding in Turkey. Today, YILPORT Holding globally operates 20 marine ports and terminals: 5  in  Turkey,  7  in  Portugal, 2 in Spain, 2 in Sweden, 1 in Peru, 1 in Malta, 1 in Norway, and 1 in Ecuador.  In addition YILPORT operates 6 dry terminals: 5 in Turkey and 1 in Sweden.

YILPORT Holding aims to create world-class,   multipurpose   facilities on an   international   scale.   This vision is powered by the company’s growth strategy to become a top 10 global    terminal    operator    by  2025.

YILPORT   Holding’s   port    interests are well-diversified, bringing a new vision to investing in and operating ports worldwide. The company has successfully   managed    expansions  in rapid fashion by establishing an internationalteambackedbycentralized support systems and intense focus on training. YILPORT’s domestic strength as a  multipurpose  port  operator  is the foundation of global expansion plans. The company’s versatile service range includes container, bulk, liquid, general and project cargo handling, ro-ro terminal services. YILPORT has also  expanded  its  services  to  include trucking, railway transportation, mineral storage and loading, warehousing, container feeder vessel services, freight forwarding and more.

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