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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission, Vision, Values


  • To be the first Turkish global terminal operator in the maritime industry
  • To be within the top 10 global port operators by 2025
  • To generate long-term sustainable growth and profitability



  • “Privilege Becomes Standard“ for All Customers
  • Creating a safe, damage free work environment
  • Employing state-of-the-art equipment and technology to generate sustainable productivity and long-term profitability



  • People, Process, and Technology




The general target in the field of education is to cultivate young people one step ahead of the sector requirements in Turkey. So, we collaborate with educational institutions regarding the marine and transportation sectors. Undergraduate students serve internships with us. Research and Development projects about port technology are also being studied to maximize port efficiency.

Yilport is committed to provide ample training opportunities for our employees and to enable open communication of information. We are building a YILPORT Maritime high school to empower the next generation in the maritime industry.

Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction

YILPORT has chosen to utilize LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology to minimize the use of electric power supplies and maintain a more positive relationship with the environment. LED Technology does not use heavy metals like mercury, plumb, etc, so it is eco-friendly. The overall result is a system that is 500% more efficient than the old system. By switching to a 12W bulb from a 60W bulb, there is a 48W electricity savings. By using a 160W powered bulb instead of a 1000w bulb, 3000 trees are saved.

As of the date 28.12.2009, YILPORT was given the Emission Permit Documentation identified as B.41-290 group B by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkish Republic’s Kocaeli City General Directorate of Enviromental Management.

Other Green Initiatives:

  • E-RTG &  E-MHC Projects
  • Electrical automation
  • Terminal lighting systems with low C footprint
  • Main Terminal water treatment system
  • Minimal truck idle time
  • High productivity

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