Dear Business Partners,

YILPORT Holding offers privilege to all of its customers and makes exclusive service a standard. The company has  an uncompromising view towards reaching the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our strategic mission is to be an industry leader in all of our port operations and logistics services. This mission is supported through integrated programs all over YILPORT organization and employee participation. We focus on continuous improvements in all operations to achieve and maintain operational excellence.

Furthermore, YILPORT provides sustainable value to its customers and stakeholders by conducting its operations in accordance with national and international standards. We identify and mitigate risks in our operations, and perform all our services in compliance with environmental legislation. Our organization promotes employee and stakeholder safety by maintaining a safe and healthy  work environment,  and by employing secure cargo handling procedures.

YILPORT  currently owns  and  operates 20 marine ports and terminals and  6  dry terminals in total around the globe. Our global reach offers unified services, resulting in large potential for horizontal integration via our growing footprint and vertical integration via our continuously improving hinterland transport and logistics facilities. What makes YILPORT unique among competition is the strong focus  on growth  for  and  together with  our  customers.   The   regional  and international connected terminal portfolio makes YILPORT a unified hub for all customers.

Sincerely,  Christian BLAUERT




Robert Yuksel Yıldırım –Board Chairman

Mustafa Erkanat – Board Member

Ali Rıza Yıldırım – Board Member

Evren Ozturk –Board Member

Özer Öz –Board Member

Prof Dr. Ercüment Erdem –Board Member



Christian BLAUERT– CEO

Mr. BLAUERT joined the YILPORT Holding management team as CEO in 2016. Yilport currently operates 23 terminals across 7 countries, majority of which are located in Europe.Born in Germany and achieving the degree as Diploma Mechanical Engineer Christian BLAUERT started his career 1994 as an engineer, project manager and consultant. In 1998 he joined the kick off project team for the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg. In 2003 Christian Blauert became managing director of the HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai GmbH (CTB). In 2011 he joined the CMA CGM group as Vice President Terminals and managed the subsidiary Terminal Link. From 2013 to 2016 as a consultant and high-level interim manager he was involved in diverse port, terminal and logistic projects. So in total Mr. BLAUERT gained the experience of over 20 years within the world of ports and terminals.


Mr. CILOGLU joined the YILDIRIM Group in  July of 2012 as a business development manager  and was promoted to CMO of  YILPORT in  2014. He has direct responsibility for sales,  marketing, and customer relations. Mr.  CILOGLU has a  bachelor's degree in mechanical  engineering which he completed in 2000. In 1999 he began working for Toyota which began his career. In 2003, Mr. CILOGLU worked in the logistics industry associated with port operations and shipping where he had the responsibility of managing operations. In 2005, Mr. CILOGLU worked in sales, project management, field actions, marketing, and customer relations, under a structure focused on the development and operation of existing processes.

Mr. CILOGLU has also  has worked on operations and processes in different types of sectors: automotive, white goods, electronics, construction, food, FMCG, textiles, iron, and steel.


Mr. WOOTTON joined the YILPORT Holding management team as CIO in 2016. He was born and educated in South Africa and has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering as well as an MBA. He started his career as a management consultant working for Andersen Consulting. He was then the IT Manager for SA Clothing and following that the IT Operations and later Executive Manager for IT at Transnet Port Terminals. He has been involved for a number of years in the port industry specifically in terminal operations and automation systems.


Mr. SUEMATSU joined the YILPORT Container Terminal in September of 2011 as a maintenance department manager and promoted to CTO of YILPORT in 2015.He was born in Japan where he completed his associate degree in industrial engineering at the Kobe Technical College of Kobe Japan in 1968. Since 1968, He worked in the areas of Turbo machinery, Material Handling equipment, Main ship engine, Bridge construction and Offshore Rig at the MES (Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. company. In that time he worked as manager of Technical production, Quality Assurance and Site installation division. In that time He attended to work in PACECO/ESPANA as Project Director during 1999-2002. His advanced technology fields are Steel material with Heat treatment and Gear technology.

Cihan AKIN - Port Integration Executive Director

Mr. AKIN joined YILDIRIM Group in 2012 as a Business Development Executive. His role as a Port Integration Executive Director is extending and integrating Yilport Holding strategy, communication, centralized process, technology and other key areas to all YPH companies and departments. He is also responsible for pre and post integration process of newly acquired YPH companies. His other area of focus is standardization of processes, technology, and management platforms across the YPH companies. Mr. AKIN holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has more than 20 years of experience with privately held companies in Silicon Valley, CA both as an engineer and business executive.

Rafael Sapiña García - International Business Development Director

Mr. Garcia was born in Spain where he completed his bachelor's degree in industrial engineering at the Politechnical University of Valencia in 1983. He then received his master's degree in port management and multimodal transport from the IPEC - Universidad Pontificia Comillas - Valecia in 1997. Since then, Mr. Garcia has worked at Condeminas where he worked with shipping agencies, logistics, and port operations; Martico, where he worked with shipping agents, logistics, and port operations; and Trasmediterranea – Aucona where he worked with the shipping lines and shipping agencies, as a commercial manager. Between 1998 and 1999, Mr. Garcia worked at the at Valencia Port Authority as a commercial manager.

He continued his career as a management assessor at Grimaldi Logistics, a owners representative at MSC - Baleares, and finally as a director for shipping and port operators at Fundación Valenciaport between 1999-2013. Mr. Garcia has lectured at the IPEC Universidad Pontificia Comillas, where he taught port management and multimodal transport. Currently, he works as the international business development director of YILPORT Holding Inc.


Christian BLAUERT– CEO

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