Transitex is a global logistics operator specialized in door-to-door transport services, featuring a network of offices in the main world markets. Boasting 7 offices and 2 logistic platforms in the Iberian Peninsula and an open Iberian identity, Transitex is transportation company and a reference in Portuguese-speaking countries and in Latin America. We shorten distances so that the world is closer.

Transitex is acquired by the Turkish group Yildirim, leading to a new wave of expansion in Europe. Transitex Lithuania reopens and the opening of new offices in Poland, Sweden and Turkey are being considered, as well as in other geographical locations in Latin America and Southern Africa, maintaining the company's focus on areas where it has been developing its activity.

Transitex Headquarter


Transitex Lisboa

Edifício Liscont - Terminal de Contentores de Alcântara Doca Norte - 1350-352 Lisboa – Portugal

Tel: +351 21 862 61 00/10/20/30/40/50

Fax: +351 21 862 61 49

E-mail: transitex@transitex.pt


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