Mineral Yard
Mineral Yard

As a part of our value added services, YILPORT provides stocking, stuffing, blending, nylon cleaning, airing, and splitting services for mine and bulk cargo in the Gemlik and Gebze mine yards. Many types of mines such as chrome, copper, lead, zinc, and manganese can be stored in these locations.

Gemlik mining yard lies on a 40.000 m² contrete floor field and has 85.000 tons of storage capacity. Customers have direct access to line services and agencies which makes it easier to handle the all process from loading to the vessel dock.

Located in the E-5 Terminal, the Gebze mine yard covers 8.500 m² area and has 50.000 tons storage capacity. Currently, mine stocking and stuffing services are offered and new services will be added in the future.

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