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A Year of Phenomenal Success at YILPORT Holding

2016 was a year to remember at Yilport Holding, port management and logistics subsidiary of Yildirim Group. The portfolio of the company reached 20 marine terminals and 6 dry terminals across the globe with huge business results in 2016. Yilport’s container terminals reported 5% year-on-year volume growth to 3.93 million TEU on the equity basis.

Yilport Holding reported a 5% year-on-year increase in container throughput for the full year of 2016, led by its 10 container handling terminals in Turkey, Scandinavia, Iberia, and Latin America. Gross volume for Yilport increased to 3.93 million TEU in 2016, displaying 5% increase on 2015 volume.

Yilport’s marine terminals portfolio includes 5 terminals in Turkey, 7 in Portugal, 2 in Sweden, 2 in Spain, 1 in Norway, 1 in Malta, 1 in Peru, and 1 in Ecuador. In addition, Yilport’s dry terminals portfolio includes 3 in Gebze, and 2 in Gemlik in Turkey, and the Stockholm Nord Dry Terminal in Sweden. Yilport Gebze, Yilport’s home terminal in Turkey, recorded 400,000 TEU for 2016 that reflects 6% increase on 2015 volume.

Yilport’s Nordic terminals displayed strong growth after the company acquired the remaining 20% shares in the Gävle Container Terminal (GCT) in Sweden. GCT recorded 202.000 TEU, showing a sharp 18% growth on 2015’s 172.000 TEU throughput. Yilport’s second container terminal in Scandinavia, Sjursøya Container Terminal (SCT) in Oslo, Norway also recorded 205.000 TEU gross handling after Yilport takeover, 15% higher than 2015 volume of 179.000 TEU.

In the first days of 2016, Yilport took over Tertir’s portfolio of 10 ports, 5 of which are container terminals. After Yilport acquisition, Port of Paita in Peru recorded equity-based 113.000 TEU for 2016, 7% higher than 2015 volume. The flagship terminal among Portuguese assets, TCL in Port of Lisbon recorded 622.000 TEU, 1% over 615.000 TEU throughput in 2015. Sadoport in Setúbal recorded 127.000 TEU in 2016, 5% higher compared to 120.000 TEU in 2015.

Yilport owns 50% shares in Malta Freeport (MFTL), which recorded 1.55 million TEU equity-based volume in 2016. The throughput is 1% higher than 1.53 million TEU recorded in 2015.

Yilport’s consolidated annual handling capacity is calculated over 10 million TEUs in containers, 22 million tons of dry bulk and general cargo, 2.15 million cubic meters of liquid cargo, and RORO capacity of 850,000 CEUs.

Yilport’s meteoric rise is also acclaimed by the industry. According to Drewry’s Global Container Terminal Operators Annual Review and Forecast 2016 report, Yilport Holding made a big leap, and it is listed in the 15th place among international terminal operators.

Robert Yuksel Yildirim, Chairman of Yilport Holding, made the following remarks:

“The year of 2016 was one of the golden years for Yilport Holding in the port industry. We have resolutely implemented both our medium-term and long-term strategic plans. We heavily invested in state-of-the-art technology in the superstructure and IT, achieving productivity and efficiency well over the industry average. Our global growth took steady steps forward returning proud business results. Yilport will progress further in the upcoming period. We will embrace both organic and inorganic growth opportunities, advancing step by step to rank among top 10 international terminal operators by 2025.”

Highlights from 2016

The year of 2016 kicked off promising a great year for Yilport, when the company closed the acquisition of Tertir portfolio, which is based in Portugal and consists of 10 ports and terminals in Portugal, Spain, and Peru.

In May 2016, Yilport announced the acquisition of the remaining 20% shares of Gävle Container Terminal in Sweden, 80% shares of which were already controlled by the Holding since 2014. The deal also included 100% shares of Baltic Sea Gateway company, which provides general cargo, bulk cargo, and warehousing services at the Port of Gävle. Consequently, Yilport secured full operational rights in the Port of Gävle.

Solventas Terminal, the largest liquid terminal in Dilovasi-Gebze, Turkey, joined among Yilport Holding’s assets in June 2016. Considered together with Yilport Gebze’s liquid terminal, the Holding owns and operates the largest, state-of-the-art liquid storages and handling facilities of Turkey’s chemicals industry.

In August 2016, Yilport Holding made the headlines by the first public-private partnership of Ecuador. The company and the Ecuadorian Government signed a 50-year build-operate-transfer contract for Puerto Bolívar in Ecuador. Yilport’s business plan is to build the largest container port in Latin America in 5-phases and invest USD 750 million in total. The port will be capable of 2.5 million TEUs of annual container handling. Puerto Bolívar is on the Pacific Coast of Latin America, and the region supplies 3 million tons of bananas to the world, as well as seafood, paper pulp, copper.