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Cosco Shipping Lines Inducement Call for YILPORT Liscont

YILPORT Liscont operated in less than 15 hours the vessel Seaspan Jakarta of the Chinese COSCO Shipping Lines, which carried out an additional port call in Lisbon in its rotation Hamburg / Rotterdam / Antwerp / Piraeus.

In a continuous operation initiated at 17:00 on October 7th and using 3 gantry cranes simultaneously, discharge of import containers from Northern Europe and loading of export containers and were carried out, in a total of more than 1600 TEU.

Thanks to the technical and human resources of YILPORT Liscont and the excellent coordination with COSCO agent in Portugal (Euronave / Euroatla) it was possible to ensure the efficiency desired by COSCO and achieve productivity over 90 movements per hour.

With evidence given and sustainable performances on the port calls of the different shipping lines, YILPORT Liscont now prospects that its Modernization Project supported by strong connectivity to the YILPORT terminal network, and its vast hinterland will attract new services to respond to the Portuguese and Iberian market.