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First Vessels Started Calling Spain’s YILPORT Ferrol Container Terminal

Yilport Holding’s state-of-the-art container terminal in Spain, Yilport Ferrol Container Terminal welcomed first container vessels after investments in infrastructure and world-class handling equipment. MacAndrews’ multimodal container vessel called Yilport Ferrol for a shipment to Poland. The objective is to turn the trial into a weekly service from Yilport Ferrol that will link Northwest Spain to Scandinavia, the UK, and Poland.

Yilport Holding’s Spanish container terminal Ferrol welcomed the first multimodal container vessel. Following several months of study, the leading European multimodal transport company MacAndrews conducted the first trial call at Ferrol Container Terminal.

The container vessel berthed on 5 April 2017 for a shipment to Poland. The know-how of Yilport Holding, and the well-trained Yilport Ferrol staff recorded a rapid operation, which took 3.5 hours. The brand new, state-of-the-art handling equipment of Ferrol guaranteed satisfactory speed for both the shipper and the carrier companies.

This operation marks the beginning of a permanent weekly container service from Ferrol Container Terminal that will link Northwest Spain to Scandinavia, the UK, and Poland.

Yilport Holding CEO Christian Blauert made the following remarks:

“We are more than happy to welcome container vessels at Yilport Ferrol. Ferrol Container Terminal with its outer harbor is the right choice for our customers looking for a privileged location. Ferrol offers the deepest container terminal in the Atlantic Coast of Southwest Europe with 20 meters of draft. We know that paradigms in European logistics are changing. Now, Iberian Peninsula provides shippers the chance to reduce costs, congestion and carbon emissions by getting closer to the European market. We are offering privilege for cargo owners and liners at Ferrol Container Terminal.”

The Deepest Container Terminal in Iberia

Yilport Holding, the port management and logistics subsidiary of Yildirim Group, acquired Ferrol Container Terminal a part of Tertir portfolio in 2015. After the takeover, Yilport Holding invested heavily in handling equipment and infrastructure. Yilport Ferrol Container Terminal offers a quay wall of 1450 meters, 20 meters deep draft, and an annual container handling capacity up to 1,500,000 TEUs in its 290.000 square meters of land area. Yilport Ferrol can accommodate and serve ultra large container vessels. The terminal is connected to the Spanish highway system, granting it the capacity to serve the Iberian hinterland. The logistics network extends to the south to Portugal through A-9, to the southeast to Madrid through A-6, and to the east to Cantabria and Basque Country through AG-64 and A-8 highways.

Yilport Ferrol offers intermodal transfer, stuffing and stripping in its warehousing facilities and warehousing services with its one-stop-shop attitude. It is the only deep-sea container terminal in the North of Galicia, with towns and industrial areas within a radius of 120 kilometers. Due to proximity to container major maritime routes, Yilport Ferrol offers little deviation for container transshipment feeding Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, and Southern Britain.