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Garip Y has Joined Zeycan Y in Gemport

Shining out with its investments on the state of the art technology and maximizing service quality, Yilport adds its latest masterpiece GARIP Y to its fleet.

Started the tugboat operation service in 1996, YILPORT already owns 3 tugboats, 2 pilot boats and 1 mooring boat. Continuing with our investments, our newest tugboat GARIP Y arrived at its new home on 15.01.2015, warmed welcomed by Yilport - Gemport’s team at berth side.

GARIP Y tug left the Sanmar Altinova Shipyard where it was constructed by 14.35 and arrived in Gemlik with a 4 hours smooth cruise.

It gathered with our three tugs, ZEYCAN Y, GEMLIK and MUDANYA at the determinated coordinates and berthed Gemport No.8 by squirting water. Our new tug was welcomed by General Manager Mr. Antonio Barbara and our management team.

Besides providing service to Yilport terminal, The tug fleet of Gemport serves five other terminals in Mudanya and Gemlik region as well. In 2015, 8103 tug job was provided to 7040 maneuvers.