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Gemport Makes a Splash at World Automotive Conference

The World Automotive Conference successfully took place on 25-26 November 2015, in Istanbul, with over 300 delegates. Mr. Antonio Barbara,General  Manager of Gemport represented Yilport Holding by delivering a speech at the event.

He mentioned natural logistic partnerships of Yilport Gemport /Gemlik for inbound and outbound logistic of car manufacturers, mainly FCA/Tofas/PSA/Opel and Renault production who are projected to handle 350.000 brand new cars by 2016.

How Ports and Logistics can support the growth of Turkish automotive industry and ambitious targets set by the Government for 2023 has been subject of a specific panel where Yilport Gemport-Gemlik General Manager, Mr. Antonio Barbara, together to Borusan Lojistik Deputy GM, Mr. Ibrahim Dolen, and Autoport Arkas Terminals and Port Director, Mr. Alp Capa, replied to the Chairman of Uludag Automotive and Sub-industry Exporters Association, Mr. Cengiz Kabatepe (Ford Otosan).

Replying to the producers’ fears about limited capacity of Turkish ports to support the future throughput, Mr. Antonio declared that “Port industry in Turkey is ready to welcome new productions and to support the growth, we see instead quite huge overcapacity in many ports close to automotive districts. We do not see the need to build up new ports by State’s aid, moreover it is needed to better link existing port infrastructures to the hinterland by efficient highways and railways replying ours and traders’ needs of easy bureaucracy and custom procedures, across the whole country. We saw quite huge investments in Izmit bay this year and the real answer we should reply together is how to move the overcapacity created by the new comers in container business, in Derince, to useful capacity for automotive business”.