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Public Announcement Regarding Earthquake in Ecuador

As YILPORT Holding, we are deeply saddened by the news from the devastating earthquake that claimed many lives in Ecuador and Peru. We are hoping and praying for those that have lost their lives and loved ones. We wish a speedy recovery for all citizens that have been injured in the disaster.

We have taken quick action to show solidarity with the El Oro, Machala, and Puerto Bolívar communities, especially for people that have lost their families, lost their homes, or injured and hospitalized.

In the meantime, we would like to announce that our employees and their families are safe in Puerto Bolívar; and we are continuing to work in our YILPORT Puerto Bolívar terminal as usual.

During the earthquake, YILPORT Puerto Bolívar was partially affected. We immediately assessed the situation and halted operations in the first moment after the disaster in order to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, truckers, and other people working inside the terminal at the time of the earthquake. We assessed structural, equipment, and material damages, and assured that port operations were to continue after an exhaustive check at our premises. We are proud to announce that YILPORT Puerto Bolívar resumed terminal operations on the same day.

Nevertheless, we do not rule out possible but partial interruptions that may occur in the coming days, because of repair and maintenance on the infrastructure, which we will notify our customers and contractors in advance.

YILPORT Puerto Bolívar commits to work for its customers and the economy of the region as always. We would like to express gratitude for your understanding and cooperation.

We are hoping and praying that Ecuador and Peru will recover from the disaster soon.