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YILPORT Gävle port expansion project is in the end stages of construction

YILPORT Gävle port expansion project is in the end stages of construction. The terminal had completed most of the infrastructure works and training in the last quarter. There is still some construction and equipment testings to be made before the new terminal area can be fully operational. The new container terminal will change the skyline of Gävle.

"It will be a remarkable boost for us", said Fredrik Rönnqvist, Terminal Director

During the fourth quarter of 2021, SATs for the six new e-RTG cranes had finished. the second phase of commissioning for remote and automation functions started directly after and was completed in November. Test driving has started for the RTG remote-control stations and is necessary before operation can start to ensure that all possible issues are eliminated.

Since the early winter months has been mild in Gävle, construction has been able to continue with ease. All three electrical substations have now been completed and powered up for the electric equipment to function. Construction of the food inspection facility has started during the last quarter and is expected to be completed in the early spring of 2022.