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YILPORT Gebze Broke Its Monthly Vessel Operation Record

January was a record-breaking month for YILPORT Gebze. The port successfully operated 86 container vessels, breaking its monthly vessel operation record. This is the highest number of vessels YILPORT Gebze has ever handled in one month.

This impressive achievement was followed by another record-breaking success when 24 container vessel operations were carried out in February, the 7th week of 2023.

By constantly investing in the latest technology, YILPORT Gebze has been able to exceed expectations and deliver superior service. With such an impressive record of success over the past few months, YILPORT Gebze is set to continue to expand and reach even higher milestones in the future.

This record-breaking achievement is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the YILPORT Gebze team. We are proud of our team and the hard work they have put in to make this possible. We look forward to continuing to set new records as the year progresses.