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YILPORT Gemlik continues to break records

YILPORT Gemlik general cargo volumes are reached the last year’s highest 3rd party volumes just in 8 months with 1.266.000 tons in 2021. According to our records last several years as below, shows us YILPORT Gemlik’s rising chart of performance.

• 2018: 800.000 tons in 12 months 
• 2019: 723.000 tons in 12 months
• 2020: 1.026.000 tons in 12 months 
• 2021: 1.813.534 tons and it still continues

YILPORT Gemlik’s growing investments in years, its wide variety equipment park, 2.050 meters berth availability and the largest storage capacity supports the region by not only expanding customer portfolio but also product handling diversity.