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Yildirim Group’s subsidiary Yilport Holding acquired 100% shares of Turkey’s largest liquid terminal Solventas Technical Storage Co. Inc., operating in Kocaeli Province. The signing ceremony took place in Istanbul, Turkey on 14 June 2016. Yilport Gebze Port and Solventas Terminal will be consolidated into the largest and the most advanced liquid terminal, operational in Dilovasi District in Gulf of Izmit.

Yilport Holding continues its growth towards its goal to be ranked among top 10 international port operators by 2025. As part of this objective, Yilport acquired 100% shares of Solventas Technical Storage Co. Inc. on 14 June 2016. Solventas joined Yilport’s global fleet as the 23rd terminal. The handover is expected to commence following the Turkish Competition Authority’s approval.

The merger will contribute to growth of the chemical industry, a vital segment in Turkey’s 2023 vision. The terminal is also significant as the first specialized port of Yilport Holding, exclusively dedicated to handling and storing chemicals and liquid cargo. Founded in Kocaeli’s Dilovasi District in 1967, Solventas houses 217 chemical tanks with a storage capacity of 333,000 cubic meters. The liquid terminal serves tankers and vessels on 2 quays, 273 and 235 meters in length. More than 70 types of products, chemicals, petrochemicals, mineral and vegetable oils can be stored and handled at the facilities.

Following Yilport takeover, Solventas will be integrated into Yilport Gebze’s liquid terminal to form “Yilport Dilovasi Liquid Terminal”. The new establishment will be the leader of Turkish chemical industry with state-of-the-art technology, and the most advanced storing and handling capabilities. Yilport Gebze currently houses 85 chemical tanks with 120,000 cubic meters of storage capacity. After the consolidation and new investments, “Yilport Dilovasi Liquid Terminal” will serve the industry with more than 300 tanks and over 450,000 cubic meters of liquid storage.