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YILPORT Holding's environmentally friendly actions

YILPORT Holding focuses on projects that are not only efficient and sustainable but also protect the environment. These eco-friendly activities enable YILPORT to achieve our long-term growth that creates benefits both in terms of environmental cost and in energy savings. How our business affects the environment is always been a key interest for us. At YILPORT we always find new ways to reduce emissions, waste, and limit our energy use.
To demonstrate our commitments in driving and supporting one of our SDG’s goals, we are proud to share with you what we have done so far to “Conserve Energy to Preserve the Future!”

• YILPORT Oslo moved into a solar-powered terminal building and is certified for using 100% ‘renewable electricity’ supplies,
• Automatic sensor fix in the washrooms for energy-saving purposes in most of our terminals globally,
• More than 80% of our port equipment (especially RTGs) are electrified,
• Usage of LED Lighting in our terminal facilities which contributed to huge energy savings.