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About Us

YILPORT Holding started activities in 2004 by acquiring Sedef Port, a former shipyard from STFA Holding. In 2005, the Group acquired Alemdar Holding, Inc. and subsequently merged the two operations to create YILPORT Container Terminal and Port Operators, Inc.

The Home Terminal at YILPORT Gebze was expanded and fitted with 8 STS cranes, a pioneering installation of APS crane, and OCR integration with NAVIS N4 in Türkiye. The RTG’s were electrified and the standard was set for Turkish ports in terms of productivity, efficiency, safety and customer dedication. We are proud of our multipurpose one-stop-shop.

YILPORT Holding Inc. was established in August 2011 to consolidate the port and container terminal operations of YILDIRIM Group under one roof.

YILPORT initiated the Gemlik terminal project in 2011, designed to handle the largest of vessels, previously not able to dock in Türkiye. In the same period, the company acquired Gemport, a leading 600,000 TEU capacity container and Ro-Ro facility adjacent to the Gemlik project.

In 2011, 50% of the Malta Freeport ownership was conferred to YILDIRIM Group who passed this on to YILPORT.

We expanded further our portfolio further acquiring Rotaport in 2012. Its dedicated bulk handling equipment and multimodality will continue to lead the port industry.

To manage its increasing portfolio YILPORT established its Holding in 2012 to oversee and manage the increasing operations across the globe and to become the first Turkish global port operator.

In 2014, YILPORT acquired Gävle Container Terminal in Sweden and Port of Oslo in Norway, further expanding to the Nordic region.

In 2015, Tertir portfolio, which consists of 10 ports and terminals, 7 in Portugal, 2 in Spain and 1 in Peru was acquired.

In 2016, Solventaş Technical Storage Co., the largest liquid terminal in Türkiye was added to the YILPORT Portfolio. Also, YILPORT secured the rights to Baltic Sea Gateway in Sweden, that renders YILPORT as the sole operator in Port of Gävle.

YILPORT expanded its reach into Latin America in 2016 by acquiring the rights to Puerto Bolívar in Ecuador. The company continues to invest to create the largest terminal on Latin America’s Pacific Coast.

In 2017, Nordic Logistics Group was established in Gävle to increase efficiency in the supply chain.

In 2018, YILPORT Holding expanded its portfolio in Mediterranean Region by signing 49 years of concession for Taranto SCCT. Also, YILPORT started operations at YILPORT Quetzal, Guatemala.

In 2020, YILPORT Holding also continues its investments by starting operations at Taranto SCCT Terminal and opening an automated paper warehouse at YILPORT Gävle.

In 2023, YILPORT took over the operations at the Port of Šibenik in Croatia as a part of YILDIRIM Group’s acquisition of Petrokemija d.d., the largest fertilizer plant in Croatia. The company also entered to African Market by starting operations in Takoradi, Ghana. 

YILPORT Holding aims to create world-class, multipurpose facilities on an international scale. This vision is powered by the company’s growth strategy to become a top 10 global port operator by 2030. The numbers indicate that the company is well on its way to achieving this target, YILPORT Holding became the 12th largest international container terminal operator with an increase in throughput and share in the market compared to the previous year.


  • Establishment of GARIP YILDIRIM & SONS CO.

    Start of YILDIRIM operations

  •  Entry into shipping sector with YILMAR Shipping Trading Inc.

  • Acquisition of Sedef Port at Gebze, Türkiye

  • Acquisition of Alemdar Port at Gebze, Türkiye

    Merger of Sedef & Alemdar ports at Gebze, Türkiye

    YILPORT Container Terminal & Port Operations Inc. established

    YILPORT Gebze terminal opened

  • Berth 1 for deep sea vessels at Gebze, Türkiye

    New MHCs arrived to Gebze, Türkiye

  • YILPORT Inland Terminal opened at Gebze, Türkiye

  • YILPAC: maintenance and training service provider established

    2 new QC's and 6 more RTGs deployed at Gebze Home Terminal

    Berth 1 operation started at Gebze

  • ABB Crane Simulator deployed

    New access road opened at Gebze, Türkiye

  • Automated Gate System for Gebze

    Golden Anchor Won

  • 50% acquisition of Malta Freeport Terminal

    YILPORT became The First International Terminal Operator in Türkiye

  • YILPORT Holding established

    Acquisition of Gemport & Rotaport in Türkiye

  • Acquisition of Gävle & Stockholm Nord Combi Terminal

    First International Concession was won to handle containers in Oslo Havn

  • Acquisition of TERTIR Group

    YILPORT Holding ranked #15 at Drewry List

    YILPORT Oslo operations started

    Stockholm Nord Opened

    Automated gate system for YILPORT Gemlik

    2nd Golden Anchor Award

  • YILPORT Holding ranked #13 at Drewry List

    Acquisition of Gävle BSG and Solventaş

    Concession of Puerto Bolìvar for 50 years

  • Operation started in Puerto Bolívar 

    YILPORT Nordic Logistics Group established

  • YILPORT Signed 49 years concession for Taranto (SCCT)

    YILPORT Quetzal, Guatemala operations started

  • YILPORT Quetzal, Guatemala operations started

  • Taranto (SCCT) Terminal operations started

    Automated paper Warehouse opened at Gävle