Ferrol, Spain
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Length of Quay2,050 m
Container (TEU/yr)Container (TEU/yr)


Berth Information
Length (m) 600
Draft (m) 20


YILPORT Ferrol Container Terminal is the right choice for customers looking for a privileged location with its outer harbor. YILPORT Ferrol offers the deepest container terminal on the Atlantic Coast of Southwest Europe. The terminal offers a quay wall of 2050 meters, 20 20-meter deep draft, and an annual container handling capacity of up to 1.500.000 TEUs in its 290.428 square meters of land area. YILPORT Ferrol grants all the conditions to accommodate and serve the biggest ultra-large container vessels expected to be built in the upcoming years.

The terminal is well connected to the Spanish highway system, granting it the capacity to serve the vast Iberian hinterland. The logistics network extends to the south to Portugal through A-9, to the southeast to Madrid through A-6, and to the east to Cantabria and the Basque Country through AG-64 and A-8 highways. The terminal offers intermodal transfer, stuffing, and stripping in its warehousing facilities and depot services with its one-stop-shop service. It is the only deep-sea container terminal in the North of Galicia, with several important towns and industrial areas within a radius of 120 kilometers. More than 3 million inhabitants live in its nearby hinterland.

Due to its proximity to major container maritime routes, YILPORT Ferrol offers the best location for container transshipment Atlantic operations feeding Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, and Southern Britain with practically no deviation.

Its privileged location, deep draft, excellent infrastructure, and management experience endorsed by core companies of the industry make YILPORT Ferrol the best option for containerized cargo on the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.