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Our Journey to Sustainability

Ensuring and Committing that We Care Today for our Tomorrow...”

Yilport Holding is expanding its ports operations internationally, it is imperative that we are committed in working in a sustainable and reliable manner. It takes a holistic approach to integrate sustainability within all aspect of a business. This approach is essential in order to develop a robust business for our people, customers, environmental and the communities within our operating companies.

Here are our core pillars priorities and approach towards achieving these goals:

  • Ensure a sustainable business growth through continuous improvement on our strategic and business approach


  • Ability to adapt in a fast-changing marketplace and manage the challenges of the diverse range of stakeholder groups
  • Working towards “Decarbonizing Our Supply Chain”

  • Adopting responsible Consumption and Waste Reduction in our operational environment. 
  • Promote individual and team excellence by ensuring a motivated and competent workforce


  • Provides concerted approach to cultivate equal opportunities for all employees


  • Progressively improve a safe and healthy work environment for our employees