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17 Yilport Representatives Attend Black Sea Conference

Seventeen Yilport Holding representatives attended the Black Sea Conference in Istanbul for the third year in a row this September. CEO, Sean Pierce, gave the opening speech for the event about growth, opportunity, and optimism. He spoke about Yilport’s aggressive goal of becoming a “top 10 port operator” and how Turkey’s position as an active hub will help achieve that goal. Since Mr. Pierce has joined the company, Yilport has acquired 5 new terminals. In his speech, he expressed no signs of slowing down, saying the company has been looking to expand to places like Montreal, Latin America, and West Africa.

CMO, Erhan Çiloğlu, also made a speech at the conference about how to “develop a world-class port for the Black Sea.” He outlined what customers, employees, lines, and the public want from a port, and what a port can do to satisfy those wants. At the end of his presentation he showed a 3D animation of Yilport Gemlik which demonstrated the operations and processes of the terminal in detail.

In addition to the speeches given by a variety of experts in the port industry, all employees were given the opportunity to network with fellow professionals during breaks throughout the day. Once the first day of the conference was over, all participants were invited to attend a Bosporus boat tour sponsored by Yilport Holding. The boat tour featured fireworks, Yilport logo projections, and a great opportunity to further network with experts in the industry.

All in all, the 3rd annual Black Sea Conference was a great success. Rory Doyle, the managing director of Transport Events Management, has announced that next year’s conference will be held on the Asian side of Istanbul and Yilport is looking forward to attending.