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Arbetarbladet:Port of Gävle is growing

Arbetarbladet: Port of Gävle is growing

The Turkish company Yilport, which owns the container terminal in Gävle, announced on Wednesday that the capacity will be increased. In the long run, they can take over operation of the entire harbor.

Turkish Yilport Holding owns since last year Gavle container terminal. On Wednesday, the company announced that the capacity of the terminal will nearly double by 2018. Today, the port handle 300,000 twenty-foot containers per year, but in two stages, the capacity increase to 500 000 containers annually.

The first phase will be completed in 2016, when production capacity will be 400,000 containers per year. The company announced simultaneously to the intermodal terminal Stockholm North will open in September this year. It will have a direct rail connection to the container terminal in Gävle.

- If a ship calling at Gävle Container Terminal, is our ambition to same day unload the containers at our private railway and transport them to Stockholm, or to other final destinations, said Sean Pierce, CEO of Yilport Holding in a press release. At the same time looking Gävle municipality for someone to buy the operation of the port of Gävle. Yilport has already been good for, and these plans do not impair their chances says Hans Wahlström (S), Chairman of the Port of Gävle.

- All extensions of the activity in the harbor has to do with each. It is clear that there are points of contact, so it is clear that this plays a role, he says.

Around the turn of the year is expected to be clear who will take over the operation of the port.