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Başkent OIZ and Eti Logistics Signed an Agreement for the 'Ankara Railway Port' Başkent OIZ Eti Logistics Intermodal Terminal

An agreement was signed for the operation of Başkent OIZ Eti Logistics Intermodal Terminal at the signing ceremony held at YILDIRIM Tower-Istanbul with the participation of Başkent OIZ Chairman Şadi Türk and YILPORT Holding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Yüksel YILDIRIM.
Başkent OIZ Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Ergin, Başkent OIZ Board Members Ahmet Zeki Topdemir and F. Öncel Mocan, Başkent OIZ Regional Manager Soner Erkek, YILPORT Holding and YILDIRIM Group senior management also attended the ceremony.
By cooperating with Ankara Başkent Organized Industrial Zone, the fifth largest Organized Industrial Zone of Türkiye, and Eti Logistics, a fully equipped logistics service provider in the Turkish market in port operations and logistics integration, operating under the umbrella of YILPORT Holding; 'Ankara's Railway Port', Başkent OIZ Eti Logistics Intermodal Terminal, which is directly connected to all ports by rail and will function as a transfer center for the transportation of sea cargo to the inland, will start its operations in January 2024.
Başkent OIZ Eti Logistics Intermodal Terminal, which will provide solutions to the logistics needs of industries and businesses operating in Ankara and surrounding provinces on an area of 20 hectares; It will not only provide access to all ports of Türkiye from the center of Anatolia in less than 24 hours but will also accelerate the integration of companies in Ankara and neighboring provinces with Türkiye's seaports and world trade.