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Bode Pulls in to Stockholm Nord

The first train of the train shuttle from Germany which opened new possibilities for environmentally friendly transports between the European continent and Stockholm has just arrived at Stockholm Nord!

"I am so excited and proud to see the first train arrive! Glad it fits :)! All the hard work from the teams comes together today as we move the first trailers through the terminal. Today Yilport Nordic truly becomes a provider of multi-modal services! I am also looking forward to gaining more volume from the continent and as well as proving the rail link from Gavle to Stockholm is a game changer for cargo flows. More firsts to come!" says Yilport Nordic General Manager Eryn Dinyovszky.

Mr. Jonas Andersson, Operations Manager of Yilport Stockholm Nord emphasizes that it has been an exciting day and all staff has done a wonderful job. He says “We are all learning and it is great to have the first train in Stockholm Nord at last”.

The trucking company is happy with the first day as well. ”Yilport Stockholm Nord has a position which is geographically ideal for transports to and from our customers in Stockholm and further up north in Sweden. We will not any longer have to transport their goods by truck through the crowded central parts of Stockholm, and that´s time-saving” says Stev Etzrodt, sales and intermodal director of Spedition Bode.

Spedition Bode Lubeck initially will run three trains a week to our intermodal terminal Yilport Stockholm Nord and 200 trailers per week are expected for return transports to Germany. The train arrives to Stockholm Nord on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They are loaded and are returned the same day.