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ContainerMag - YilPort plans Stockholm Nord opening and Gavle expansion

YilPort plans Stockholm Nord opening and Gavle expansion

The new Stockholm Nord Combi Terminal (SNCT) at Rosersberg, Sweden is to open this September, serving as a major rail hub to a variety of logistics customers in Scandinavia, according to its Turkish operator, Yilport Holdings.

"This is by no means an ordinary logistics hub. The facility is an integral part to the future growth of our international container terminal in Gavle, Sweden" stated the company CEO, Sean Pierce.

The terminal will have a new rail service to YilPort's Gavle Container Terminal (GCT), increasing the speed and predictability of cargo shipments while decreasing overall transportation costs.

The new water and rail solution will environmentally and economically improve the current logistics situation in the region, added Pierce, who went on to say that currently, there is considerable traffic congestion and unnecessary cost for vessels calling at Stockholm.

According to the company, once the new rail hub is opened, ships will be able to discharge imports at the Gavle Container Terminal before they are seamlessly transferred to the Stockholm Nord facility, or even delivered direct to the customers.

"Our intention is to put containers on our private rail service and make them available the same day in Stockholm or elsewhere," confirmed Pierce.

With an annual capacity or 300,000 teu, GCT, Sweden's third largest container terminal, is strategically  located on the Swedish East Coast about 170 Km north of Stockholm.   YilPort has completed its expansion studies and finalised its growth plans for the facility, which will see total container handling capacity increase in two phases.

The first phase will be completed next year (2016) by launching the Stockholm Nord Terminal, along with improvements to GCT that will increase its container handling capacity to 400,000 teu.  Phase 2 will see major investment, with additional cranes, equipment and yard preparation and new container freight station (CFS) operations allowing annual capacity to reach 500,000 teu by 2018.

Pierce explained that Yilport's objective is to compete with regional ports and terminals, but admitted: "unfortunately there is not enough container volume in Gavle and its hinterland to occupy current and future capacity of our facility.  Stockholm Nord Combi Terminal will help to change this and offer exclusive service to and from the GCT facility for container traffic".