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First Goods of Train Handled at the Molo Polisettoriale of the Port of Taranto

In recent days at the Molo Polisettoriale of the port of Taranto, the operator YILPORT San Cataldo Container Terminal SpA has handled the first goods train since the reactivation of the railway line.

The intermodal goods train ran on the Bari - Taranto route and was operated with the railway operator GTS and the support of the railway company Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal.

Thus, resuming traffic connecting Taranto to the Adriatic line, by means of a bundle of 5 loading/unloading lines, reaching Northern Europe in a short time by crossing the Italian peninsula.

The Molo Polisettoriale boasts 2 shunting locomotives useful for this purpose, gantry cranes and certified railway shunting operators.

YILPORT is also continuing its investment plan to create a hub in the Mediterranean after the huge investments already implemented in the 24 months of management of the Polisettoriale Pier in Taranto, from February 2020 to date, increasing the impressive fleet already at the Port operator's disposal with 7 new port turntables and 2 new reach stackers arriving in March to ensure a completely new level of performance.

Terminal Tractors are special operating machines designed for towing semi-trailers and trailers.

The 7 fifth wheel couriers being delivered to SCCT are examples of the latest generation of vehicles: Euro 5 engines with significantly reduced fuel consumption and therefore emissions, major safety improvements, and ergonomic workstations and intuitive controls.

The 2 reach stackers, huge stacker trucks used for handling and storing containers, will allow SCCT to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, including noise, by up to 40%.

The latest generation reach stackers also provide a smoother ride that reduces stress and pressure on the driver's body and come with intelligent programming that makes the RS easier to drive.

The nine vehicles arriving at the Taranto Terminal are just the latest example in chronological order of the YILPORT Group's ecological footprint at the Taranto Terminal.