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KALYPSO Line Had the Second Call at YILPORT Taranto

The vessel Highway of the Kalypso line has been operated by, YILPORT Taranto San Cataldo Container Terminal SpA, the concessionary company of the Port of Taranto's multipurpose berth.

This is the second landing of the line that has already arrived at the Taranto Terminal over the past week, belonging to the Marco Polo line connecting the Far East and Italy. The 600-movement vessel shows the intermodal services that Taranto Terminal can offer.

The vessel was followed by a freight train operated by Ferrotramviaria of 20 wagons for a length of 510 meters and departed on the Falconara route in the direction of Bologna, which will allow goods to arrive at the port of destination with a rail connection of 10 to 12 hours, instead of the 2 days expected via sea transport.

This news strengthens the infrastructural and logistic axis created between Taranto and important national intermodal structures, in this case towards the Marche region is an attractive junction point for northern Italian and European markets.

Putting the vast logistics area of Ancona in synergy with the Taranto hub means achieving the goal of offering potential customers in the heart of the Mediterranean a safe port of call for goods and speeding up and making efficient the 'interconnection with the final markets.

Cosimo Palagiano, Acting General Manager of YILPORT Taranto, emphasized that "a second train has left for Padua for Northern Italy, and a third train is departing today for Bologna, confirming the potential of the Ionian port, which can offer customers the fastest and most sustainable transport combinations, towards the main ports and intermodal structures on the European continent, in support of the country's entire economic and production system."