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Malta Freeport Terminal Participated in European Week for Waste Reduction

MFT actively participated in the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), with a central theme this year focused on 'A Packing-Free Tomorrow'. During the event, MFT employees creatively repurposed wooden pallets into tables and benches, transformed empty oil tanks into tables, and constructed a pathway for local Girl Guides using pellets in the nearby village of Birzebbugia.

Other initiatives include:
-A seabed clean-up in the local village,
-The planting of various cacti in old pots and glass jars,
-The transformation of old glass bottles into innovative table lamps.

Within the scope of supporting those in need, the Company collected shopping bags that will be donated to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation.

The success of EWWR 2023 underscores MFT's commitment to encouraging ongoing habits and mindsets that support sustainable packaging practices and the responsible management of waste materials.