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PortStrategy - YILPORT aims for 500,000 teu at Gavle

Turkey's Yilport Holding has finalised growth plans for its Swedish Gavle Container Terminal (GCT), which it hopes to expand to an annual capacity of 500,000 teu.

Yilport has the long-term concession for the GCT, which is the third largest container terminal in Sweden with an existing annual capacity of 300,000 teu. "We are here to compete with regional ports and terminals, but unfortunately there are not enough container volumes in Galve and its hinterland to occupy current and future capacity of our facility," said Sean Pierce, CEO, Yilport Holding. The growth plans for GCT, which is situated on the Swedish East Coast, around 170km north of Stockholm, will be delivered in two phases. The first phase will see infrastructure improvements at the terminal increase the container handling capacity to 400,000 teu. Following this, new cranes, equipment and yard preparation and new CFS operations will push capacity to 500,000 teu by 2018. As part of its growth plans, Yilport is also set to launch Stockholm Nord Combi Terminal (SCNT) at Roserberg, Sweden, and start a new rail service between SNCT and GCT. The new, private, state-of-the-art facility will serve a variety of logistics customers in Scandanavia and is expected to be the major rail hub of choice in the region. "Stockholm Nord Combi Terminal will help to change that and offer exclusive service to and from Yilport's GCT facility for the container traffic. If your ship calls at Yilport GCT, our intention is to put the containers to our private rail service and make it available the same day in Stockholm or elsewhere," Mr Pierce added. SNCT is designed to have an annual container handling capacity of 150,000 teu with two RMG cranes and several reachstackers, and is set to open in September. -

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