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Two State-Of-The-Art Mobile Harbor Cranes Started to Operate at The Latin America’s Biggest Container Terminal

As a startup of the investments, two state-of-the-art Mobile Harbor Cranes sent to Ecuador’s Puerto Bolivar container terminal. The cranes arrived at their destination on the 21st of May, the expert team of YILPORT merged its experience with long-term know how disciple and completed testing.

And the day of days has come on the 17th of June. Testing period was accomplished and MHCs handled their very first containers. Puerto Bolivar welcomed MSC Nora vessel and handled the containers with two operating mobile harbor cranes. Owing to YILPORT operational know-how entire operations completed smoothly.

The new cranes started to provide terminal services to the container vessels at Puerto Bolívar’s new berth, which is 450 meters’ long with a draft of -14.5 meters. This is a big step and a significant mark of global reach as a local strength.

These cranes are an interior solution for Yilport Puerto Bolivar container customers until the new QC’s will be operational at the terminal. The investment plan includes QC’s, RTG’s, Terminal Tractors, technology (software) and civil work such as dredging, cool warehouse, and etc.

Puerto Bolívar is one of the world’s largest ports for fruits and seafood. YILPORT Holding, a YILDIRIM Group company, will invest USD 750 million in the expansion and modernization of the port. The development program will be completed in 5 phases. YILPORT will invest USD 230 million in the first phase, which will take 3 years. The dredging work will deepen the draft from 10 meters to 17 meters. The terminal will be equipped with modern infrastructure and equipment. Consequently, the largest container ships of the world will berth and receive services at Puerto Bolívar. Upon completion of 5 investment phases, the annual container handling capacity will reach 2.5 million TEU. Eventually, the port will become the largest and the most advanced state-of-the-art container terminal on the Pacific coast of Latin America. Puerto Bolívar will boost the foreign trade volume of Ecuador, and will constitute a strategic role in the global network of YILPORT Holding.

YILDIRIM Group’s subsidiary YILPORT Holding secured the rights to Puerto Bolívar in Machala City, Ecuador in August 2016. The 50-year concession deal also marks the largest ever Turkish investment in Ecuador.