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YILDIRIM GROUP’s New Container Terminal “YILPORT Gemlik”

BURSA, TURKEY, May 15, 2012 — YILDIRIM GROUP established its second containerterminal in Gemlik, located on the south coast of Marmara Sea. The terminal, planned to becompleted in December 2013, will have a container berth with a depth of minimum 16 mand will be able to handle up the largest cape-sized vessels.

Robert Yuksel YILDIRIM, the President of YILDIRIM GROUP, said that the company wouldcontinue to expand its port operations and portfolio management: “In accordance with itsvision, YILDIRIM Group will establish a facility to provide a new ergonomic employmentopportunity that keeps up with the international standards in the region and harbour reach."

In accordance with the characteristics of YILDIRIM operations, YILPORT Gemlik is aimed touse the most advanced technology through state of the art reach stacker and maintain itsquality of performance and service for which YILPORT Gebze was rewarded.

In the first phase, the target is to acquire annually 600,000 TEU for container handling by theYILDIRIM investment approximately worth $200 M and to handle up to the transit as well asthe import and export business. It is planned to serve mother ships by deploying 4 QCCranes (STS), which is able to work with 22th container on a vessel, on the berth with alength of 400 m and serve feeder container ships by deploying 2 mobile cranes on the berthwith a length of 250 m.

Moreover, YILPORT Gemlik will have the advantage of being surrounded by empty containeryard services, CFS services, cargo inspection and an open area provided with warehouseservices, which has been needed in the industry.

Sean PIERCE, CEO of YILPORT, commented on YILDIRIM’s enterprise for YILPORT Gemlik:

“YILPORT Gemlik will be initiated in a crucial period of time in Turkish marine trade. Theregion requires a multi-purpose port in which freighters and the freight can be handled upmuch faster. It is forecast to reach the level of average 35 movements per hour in allcontainer operations of YILPORT Gemlik.

It is important to construct a container terminal, not only as a hub port but also launch afacility to fit the concept of one-stop-shopping through which all the needs for container lineoperators and their customers can be met with the integration of customs, freight shippingcompanies, container line operators and all other areas. YILDIRIM exceeds the norms forterminal operations and construction at YILPORT Gemlik.

YILPORT Gemlik is located on the one of the most active economic regions by developmentand growth plans in progress that belongs to global automotive products and numerousproducing companies. The region has a significant export volume based upon marble &mining trade as well as the industries mentioned. Hersek-Dilovasi Bridge, the publicentrepreneurship project which has been recently announced, is also expected to positivelyaffect YILPORT Gebze and YILPORT Gemlik.

The bridge that is finalized to be built, through the contract the Ministry of Transport signedon October 27, 2011, will surpass Gulf of Izmit and the region will reduce the transit durationfrom 2 hours to 6 minutes by integrating Istanbul with Izmir. YILPORT Gebze, YILPORT Gemlikand such logistic centres will raise the speed of international cargo movements and directlyvolume in accordance with YILDIRIM Group’s strategy and Turkish government’s vision toestablish faster freight gangways."