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YILPORT Gävle: Northern Sweden's Premier Food Inspection Hub

YILPORT Gävle Container Terminal houses Sweden's northernmost food inspection facility, facilitating food import through YILPORT Gävle. The food can reach the Stockholm region with YILPORT's train shuttle service to Stockholm Nord, offering four weekly departures. The 500-square-meter facility features three truck docking stations, large cold storages, and advanced equipment for safe food inspections. A container storage area outside can store up to 130 frozen goods at a controlled temperature for a week.

Operated by the Swedish Food Agency, the facility ensures imported goods meet EU standards, undergoing inspections to detect and exclude items posing risks to human and animal health.


The inspected foods are categorized into groups:
• Animal-based – meat, fish, milk, eggs.
• Vegetables – plant-based products.
• Mixed foods – foods that contain both vegetable and animal products.
• Organic – special rules apply to organic foods.