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Yilport Holding had another successful half-year benefitting from recent investments. The company moves towards the target of being one of the top global container terminal operators with 22 ports and terminals in 10 countries.

In the first half of 2022, Yilport’s container terminals handled 3,412,604 TEUs globally with 36% growth. The general cargo volume was 5,820,954 tons with 6% growth. Additionally, global ro-ro volumes increased by 3% with new calls among Iberia terminals. The liquid volume increased by 10% in Turkey and Latin America.

In Turkey, Yilport Gebze and Gemlik terminals welcomed many new services from MEDKON Lines, CMA CGM and Maersk. Yilport Gebze had a 28% volume increase in general cargo by handling 2,720,211 tons and 22% increase in liquid cargo volumes compared to H1-2021.

Yilport Gemlik sustained its position in general cargo operational performance with 1,076,067 tons, growing by 11% in the first half. Yilport Yarimca in Izmit Bay recorded 16% growth in general cargo, driven mostly by cement operations. Yilport Solventas liquid terminal has received CDI-T approval once again, recorded 8% growth with 1,793,000 cubic meters handled.

During the first six months, Yilport terminals in Norway and Sweden sustained their position and recorded 7% and 3% container growth respectively, leading to 5% overall growth in the Nordic Region. Yilport Gävle handled 890,588 tons of general cargo and bulk with 3% growth compared to H1-2021. Stockholm Nord combi terminal reached a surprising volume increase with 17% growth in trailer handling.

The Iberian terminals in Porto & Lisbon in Portugal, and Huelva & Ferrol in Spain started to grow faster after expansion projects and investments. The Iberian region terminals managed to record 5% growth in containers and 25% growth in ro-ro volumes. Yilport Leixões grew by 4% with 360,978 TEUs handled. Liscont recently started operations with 4 new STS cranes and 3 new automated RTG cranes. The new equipment brought 13% growth in container volume and 32% general cargo growth. As an important highlight, Algeciras Canaries (ACX) service of X-PRESS Feeders line started to call Yilport Ferrol.

In the Iberian region, Yilport completed EUR 43 million investment in Leixões and EUR 130 million investment will be completed by end of 2023. In Huelva, Spain, the 4 new STS cranes delivered this year had increased the berth capacity. Yilport’s Iberian terminals are stronger than ever before.

In Latin American terminals, Yilport Puerto Bolivar recorded 26% growth with 100,000 TEUs driven by the shift to containerization. Yilport Paita in Peru handled 138,000 TEUs and Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala handled 98,000 TEUs. In Puerto Bolivar, 684,948 tons of general cargo was handled by 6% volume growth, dominating the total general cargo handled in the region, which was 1,044,055 tons. Yilport will deliver 4 new 24-row outreach STS cranes from Japan to Ecuador for Puerto Bolivar at the end of this year. In the summer of 2023, Puerto Bolivar’s handling capacity will be tripled.

Yilport Holding aims to keep the growth trend in H2-2022 to reach another record-breaking golden year. The company is in talks with port authorities in many countries in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Turkey for more than 10 port projects in order to rank among the top 10 global container terminal operators by 2025.