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YILPORT Holding Continued Its Rapid Growth in The First Half of 2018

YILPORT Holding, a subsidiary of YILDIRIM Group, continued its rapid growth in the first half of 2018 by strengthening its footprint in port management and achieving the goals set in all regions YILPORT Holding is actively operating.

YILPORT volume increase by 4.6% in the first half of 2018. This growth was mainly driven by Region Turkey, Latin America and the Mediterranean, Malta Freeport. In total, 3.2 million TEU was handled.


In Turkey, the volume increase was mainly driven by the strong export performance of the Turkish economy. YILPORT Gebze, YILPORT Holding’s home terminal in Turkey, recorded 284,266 TEUs for the first half of 2018 with a 15.2% increase on 2017 first half volume. YILPORT Gemport closed the first half with 246,463 TEUs, 5.8 % more than 2017’s first half. The capacity of both terminals is supported by ongoing port expansion. The consolidated container volume is 530,729 TEUs in the first half and YILPORT Turkey growth is 10.6% compared to last year first half volumes.


YILPORT’s Nordic container terminals in Sweden and Norway also displayed strong growth. The volume increase was driven by strong Swedish core export market growth. Gävle Container Terminal (GCT) in Sweden and Sjursøya Container Terminal (SCT) in Norway accumulated 237,922 TEUs in the first half, and YILPORT’s consolidated Nordic growth is 1.7 % compared to last year first half volumes.




YILPORT Iberia container terminals, the overall volume for the first half in 2018 is 592,785 TEUs while the first half of the previous year, 2017, was 610,841 TEUs. YILPORT Leixões, the leading one of the whole Iberian portfolios, closed the first half with 309,881 TEUs by reaching 1.1 % growth compared to 2017 first half. 





Latin America consists of two ports, one is Puerto Bolívar in Ecuador and the another is Port of Paita in Peru. YILPORT Puerto Bolivar closed the first half 60,525 TEUs by reaching 30.1% growth compared to last year first half. YILPORT Paita handled 130,501 TEUs in the first half in total, displaying 16% growth compared to last year. 




In 2018 first half, YILPORT also recorded 5.5million tons of general cargo volume, 191.067 CEUs ro-ro operations, and 1,656,538 cubic meters of liquid cargo volume. YILPORT also owns 50% shares in Malta Freeport (MFTL), which recorded 1,641,202 TEUs volume.

YILPORT HOLDING is content with the results obtained in the first half of the year, 2018, in Turkey, Nordic, Iberia and Latin America Regions and aims to maintain its ongoing growth in each terminal by adding new success stories to its portfolio. All terminals are planned to be enhanced their performance and expected to add new values in the growth of YILPORT HOLDING for the rest of the year.


We’re glad to share with you the new service calls started in YILPORT Terminals in 2018;


  • YILPORT Puerto Bolivar: Maersk–Ecubex S/B Service
  • YILPORT Ferrol: CMA CGM-Mac Andrews –POSS Service
  • YILPORT Liscont: Hapag Lloyd Service –Atlantic Loop 6 Service
  • YILPORT Gemport: Arkas Line Service –ADS Service
  • YILPORT Gemport: Hapag Lloyd Service –Black Sea-Med Express (BMX) Service