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YILPORT Leixões Became the First Portuguese Port to Obtain ISO 28000 Certification

Port of Leixões is the first Portuguese port to obtain ISO 28000 Certification – Supply Chain Security

Obtaining this certification demonstrates the commitment of the Port of Leixões to quality and safety in the operations carried out, aiming at the continuous satisfaction of its customers, reinforcing the institutional image, and monitoring the constantly changing market.

The main objective of implementing the ISO 28000 – Supply Chain Security standard is to establish, implement and improve levels of security and protection in operations, improve security conditions in the supply chain, guarantee the necessary skills for the performance of operational roles, ensure compliance with established security policy, and demonstrate compliance to third parties.

This certification allows recognition of supply chain management, with the benefit of reducing risk levels for people, facilities, and goods, establishing an international standard for all business processes, and prioritizing quality and safety in operations carried out at the Port of Leixões.