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YILPORT Nordic Made an Impressive Milestone in Their GRESB Result

This year, we received another applaudable result for our GRESB assessment!

We extended our participation in the GRESB assessment for both our NORDIC entities – YILPORT Sweden & YILPORT Oslo!

YILPORT Sweden has progressively improved her scoring in 2020 - 14, 2021 - 76, and 2022 - 80! YILPORT Oslo, in her inaugural participation in the assessment, delivered an impressive score of 78 exceeding peer average scores!

Even though YILPORT Holding is still relatively new in our sustainability journey, this impressive achievement in the last two years is a testament to our commitment to integrating our sustainability values and responsibilities into our operating activities and business strategy.

Good support and teamwork is the key to this success! Thank you to all who are involved in making this possible!