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YILPORT Puerto Bolivar Sets New Standards for Perishable Product Storage

YILPORT Puerto Bolívar is getting ready to store more perishable products with Cold Storage Warehouse that will be used for the storage of fresh and frozen cargo with more refrigeration capacity.

• Improved Refrigeration Capacity: Upgrading refrigeration systems to ensure optimal temperature control for the stored products.

• Storage Cells for Bananas: Introducing specifically designed for storing. These cells will maintain a temperature range of 13-14 degrees Celsius.

• Shrimp Storage: Including storage cells, exclusively designed for storing shrimps at a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius.

• Efficient Racking System: Equipping each storage cell with a racking system capable of stacking pallets three levels high, optimizing space utilization and facilitating easy access.

• Project Timeline: Cold Storage Warehouse will be operational in 2024.