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YILPORT Puerto Bolivar Terminal received 5 Idle Gate Kiosks systems

Puerto Bolivar Terminal received 5 Idle Gate Kiosks systems that had been transferred from the YILPORT Gemlik terminal. The Navis system integration was completed in 2019, and YILPORT’s internally developed Gate UI at their gate for easy user interface and integration with weighbridges operational ever since.
Puerto Bolivar terminal provides 24/7 gate operations to its customers. The existing gate has 5 lanes and a minimum 3 of the lanes are always open for truck traffic. Puerto Bolivar Management and Operation requested to automate their existing gate processes by placing self-kiosks for the truck driver to execute their transactions. The automation system will enable gate clerks to be used as headcount for RTG operations.
The 5 kiosks have shipped to the Puerto Bolivar Terminal from Gemlik Terminal. Project teams have been making meetings constantly to plan the implementation as well as go live. YILPORT HQ IT team to travel to Puerto Bolivar Terminal in the coming weeks to support the local team for installation and commissioning the system.