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The YILPORT Logistics Center is already paying off with big dividends at the terminals with recent productivity gains of over 20%.   Gross productivity has continued to climb to avg. of 29,3 moves per hour with some ships averaging 38 moves per hour (58 TEU).    According to Sean Pierce, CEO of YILPORT, “the real proof of our overall success at integrating systems and process is the ‘Cycle KPI’.   Many of the ports on the Marmara Sea suffer from an overall lack of space adjacent to the berth.   To maximize the utilization of the scarce resource we focus on achieving a dual cycle rate (combined load and discharge operations) of greater than 30%.   We are already achieving this goal on a consistent basis which has a profound effect on increased yard utilization, decreased traffic in the terminal, and considerable fuel savings.”   He further states that “the creation of the YILPORT Logistics Center is supported by our centralized Navis N4 system and allows us to consistently apply our management and optimization techniques across the portfolio of terminals. With the new radio over IP (VOIP) system, YILPORT Logistics and Planning Center serves effective solutions to vessels which calls to both YILPORT Gebze and Gemport.