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Yilport Holding takes over Gävle CT

Up-to-date, the Yilport Holding owned five box terminals – four in Turkey and one on Malta. The company is a part of the Istanbul-headquartered Yildrim Group, active in the ore mining, fertilizers and shipbuilding industries. The remaining 20% of shares belong to the Gävle Municipality.

The Holdings aims at making Gävle Sweden’s second largest container port. “We are actively looking for possibilities to establish satellite ports which can serve Gävle Container Terminal and create a corridor between the Baltic States, Gävle and Oslo and thus position Gävle in the middle between east and west,” Robert Yüksel Yildirim, one of the three people in charge of the Yildrim Group, said to Gävle Dagblad.

In addition, from 2015 the Gävle Container Terminal will run a new kombi terminal, Stockholm Nord, situated in Rosersberg. The facility, spanning over 80,000 m2, will feature four rail tracks, each 650 m long.