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Yilport interested in investing in the Black Sea

Istanbul - Sean Pierce opened the third edition of Black Sea Ports yesterday with an invitation to optimism. Pierce is the C.E.O. of Yilport, one of the biggest terminal operators in Turkey. Black Sea Ports, the fair dedicated to transport and logistics on the Black Sea, officially opened this morning in Istanbul. “There are serious international tensions around Turkey and in the Black Sea area,” Pierce actually said, “but we shouldn’t be discouraged. Turkey remains a strong and solid country in economic terms. We mustn’t forget that it is now the seventh or eighth largest industrial power in the world, with a growth rate of about 4% per year.” “Despite some problems that we are all familiar with,” Pierce continued, “like the rate of inflation, political tensions, and border conflicts, Turkey is still a land of opportunity.

On the Black Sea front, Istanbul has become a shipping hub, and we are watching this area with great expectation. We are interested in investing in this area.” The Yildrim Group now has several logistical and port structures in the Sea of Marmara, which employ 500 workers plus the labour pools. Currently at the Yilport terminal a dock is under construction for the latest generation of container ships. It will be ready next year. The group controls port terminals in Africa, North America and Northern Europe (Switzerland and Norway). Ambassador Traian Chebeleu, the president of Baspa, the association of countries on the Black Sea, also gave an opening speech at Black Sea Ports.

Chebeleu mentioned the projects of politicians and cooperative projects that are now taking place in the area, starting with the implementation of the Motorways of the Sea, which involves 41 ports, collaboration on the issue of cruise ships, which involves 17 ports, and even the ambitious project for the construction of the ring road around the Black Sea, 7,500 km with connections extending as far as Baku and Belgrade. Rory J. Doyle, the Managing Director of Transport Events Management, announced that next year’s edition of Black Sea Ports will again take place on the Asian side of Istanbul.