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Human Resources Practices


We hire our employees with a fair and objective evaluation through considering necessary qualifications, personal skills, and individual performances. One of our most important criteria in recruitment processes is competencies. It is our greatest aim to include YILPORT family of qualified, creative, motivated and dynamic professionals and beginners who will carry themselves and our institution forward.


Training & Development           

In line with our Human Resources policies, all our employees are involved in orientation training and they continue their development within the annual training programs. Continuous learning and development are the most fundamental values in the sustainable growth of YILPORT. In this regard, we offer programs that can contribute to the professional and personal development of our employees through internal and external company training programs. 

Performance Management

Our performance management system consists of targeting, follow-up, mid-term evaluation and year-end evaluation processes. We take into consideration the data obtained from the performance evaluation results in processes such as human resources planning, compensation work and employee development plans.

With the performance management system that we are implementing, we aim to evaluate our employees fairly and objectively in accordance with the specified targets. Besides, through negotiations between managers and employees, we intend to contribute to our internal communication and create a two-way "dialogue" environment.


Talent Management

In the new world of business where all “four generations” work together under the same roof, understanding and managing the workforce effectively is more crucial than ever. Therefore, under our Talent Management approach, YILPORT is determined to create a dynamic career and continuous learning environment to foster innovation, collaboration, and employee growth. For this purpose, YILPORT focuses on various talent development practices in which objective evaluations are executed via rotational programs among different companies, cross-functional projects across borders, and short/long term international assignments overall. At the end, we get closer to our goal, which is to build the skills and capabilities that our businesses require to realize their targeted goals.


Compensation and Benefits

We apply a compensation system based on the content of job rather than the title and function. Salaries are determined according to job sizes ordered in grades. Our compensation system aims to settle total income of employees according to competitive and fair corporate policies in line with the current salary market. Besides, the system targets to motivate the employees by evaluating and rewarding high performance. Individual salaries are reviewed and evaluated once a year in every January considering individual performance results, salary surveys, economic indicators and the company’s financial ability as well as the balance in the company. Our company participates in various salary surveys and reviews the strategy of salary and benefits every year.

Employee Commitment

As YILPORT, we believe that the dedication of our employees and the enthusiasm they feel towards the work can lead our company to efficient business results. In this sense, creating career plans by defining the expectations of our employees correctly, offering opportunities, developing reward systems and seniority incentives to strengthen employees' commitment and organizing social activities that enhance internal company communication are our greatest motivation factors in the direction of increasing employee commitment.