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The ever more globalized shipping activities require specialized Know-how and capacity to react to changes quickly and flexible.

This is why SEALINE was founded in 2007 as a shipping agent representing liner and tramp ship owners, charterers and cargo interests.

Based in the port of Aveiro, as ship agents but through other Group companies, can also provide stevedoring, warehousing, haulage and forwarding. SEALINE can offer similar services in all other continental Portuguese ports through other Group companies or established sub-agents.

Sealine is part of YILPORT Holding, with relevant investments in the Portuguese ports, (among many other areas scattered by 19 countries) such as participation in the YILPORT Setubal and YILPORT Tersado Terminals in Setubal, the YILPORT Liscont and YILPORT Sotagus Terminals in Lisbon, the YILPORT Leixoes, the South Terminal and the Sograin Terminal in Aveiro both operated by YILPORT Aveiro which is our parent Company.

Adding value through service, our dedicated professional staff renders 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week service to all our clients and business partners. All Customers requirements can be arranged such as:

  • Berthing, Pilotage & Tugboats;
  • Liaising to Customs, Immigration, Port Health and other statutory bodies;
  • Ships, cargo and crew port needs;
  • Customs clearance.