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YILMAR Holding was established in 2000 to fulfill the logistical needs of the group by operating as an active shipping company that consolidates ownership, ship management, chartering, agency, ship brokering services and deals with the acquisition and sales of vessels.

The company, which entered the industry with the principles of integrity, reliability and high quality, has expanded the global range of its activities since its establishment by anticipating the changing shipping conditions and the shifting customer needs and policies. YILMAR has secured its place among the most respected maritime enterprises in Türkiye.

YILMAR Holding consists of Yilmar Shipping Agency, Chemfleet tanker management company, Solar Chartering tanker management company, and Marmara Shipyard. YILMAR Holding’s fleet consists of 21 vessels combined: 11 dry bulk and general cargo vessels, and 10 chemical tankers.


The agency department of YILMAR Holding was established to manage YILMAR’s own vessels as well as chartered ones. The department performs high-level professional services at all of the Turkish ports, as well as at the many offices' thanks to its experienced and expert staff.

YILMAR Agency Services is a young and dynamic enterprise and has been growing ever since its foundation. It became an independent unit due to the growing company figures in vessels and tonnage served per year.

YILMAR Agency Services provides the services mentioned below:

• Loading/discharging supervision
• Providing bunker and fresh water
• Health services
• Personnel recruiting / cutback
• Consultancy
• Repairing
• Consultancy in law matters
• Local representation of ship owners

Our Quality Policy

YILMAR Shipping views high customer service standards and customer satisfaction as the assurance of the company’s successful future. With this approach in mind, YILMAR focuses on all its resources to provide its products and services at the promised quality level. The company respects continuous development through the participation of all employees and business partners in quality enhancement. YILMAR aims to comply with the requirements of committed certifications and improve the effectiveness of its quality management system.