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Processes & Global Standards



YILPORT prioritizes high-quality processes and management on top of perfect quality service. We aim to provide customized and designed services and monitorable operations for our customers through step by step process management and documentation.

All of YILPORT Holding’s ports worldwide follow a shared integrated management philosophy. Thus, we are committed to delivering a consolidated and seamless port experience for our customers.

Integrated Management System Policy

YILPORT offers high-quality services, customized solutions and quick response to immediate problems with its dedicated personnel and deep experience in the industry. Studies on operational efficiency and development are ever continuing. Consequently, this delivers the increase in movements per hour, high efficiency, and clear communication.

We focus on continuous performance development within IMS standards. Through secure work conditions and cargo handling procedures applications, YILPORT always prioritizes security and safety first. YILPORT terminals target developing its personnel via education programs, customer services awareness and updated health, safety, and environmental policies.

Integrated Management Systems Policy