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Tugboat & Pilotage Services

Tugboat & Pilotage Services

Since 1996 Gemport provides pilotage and tug boat services to all Foreign Flag vessels over 500 gross tonnages and Turkish Flag vessels over 1000 gross tonnages among Gemlik Bay and Mudanya region. Security based services continues 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

These services are carried out with 4 tugboats, 2 pilot boats and 1 mooring boat. The four tugboats in the Gemport tugboat have a total of 206 tons of towing power. Communication is provided by VHF 16th, 14th and 71th channels from experienced Radio and Communication Operators with 12 experienced harbor pilots working at the department.

MAP: BA # 1006

ABSTRACT: The mission of our Directorate is to ensure that the Pilotage service will provide the pilotage and tug boat services for the ports of Gemlik and Mudanya, and that the service will be carried out in accordance with the legislation with utmost efforts to ensure the safety of life, property and maritime environment. For pilotage and tugboat service request and commitment form please click.


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